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Remote viewing

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The background:

It is 1968. A missile sits in a silo just south of Moscow in the old Soviet Union. The United States defense establishment wants to know the inner workings of that missile, its payload size, whether it is MRV or single. How do they find out? They could send in one of their own or a Russian double agent and hope to ferret out the truth, but this is risky and expensive. They could take spy satellite photos but this would yield little but a picture of the top of the silo, the massive lid. The US knew that the Soviets were researching paranormal phenomena, mind control, telekinesis, telepathy, but little was known then about their success rates, if any. Was it possible that the Soviets had devised a viable method of obtaining data using only the mind..... would that work?

Fearing that they would fall behind the Soviets in this esoteric field, the US government in the early 1970s contacted a gentleman named Ingo Swann, professionally an artist living in New York, but one who possessed certain psychic abilities. The army officer who contacted Swann, according to Swann’s own account, was uncomfortable with the idea of seeking a psychic to help them with any army program, let alone intelligence gathering. Soon after the meeting began, the officer became insulting and Swann was about to leave the meeting, but after lengthy discussions with that officer and after proving to the army that he could, given nothing but a set of map coordinates (longitudes and latitudes), describe the locale represented by those coordinates anywhere on Earth, both the army and Swann decided to form an uneasy alliance to explore this new phenomenon, which at that time had no name. Swann, now on the government payroll, was told to report to California to work with the Stanford Research Institute (later renamed SRI) and to report to Harold Puthoff and Russell Targ, both physicists and authors of several major works dealing with anomalous cognition, in an attempt to define the skills which Swann had and to determine if it could be taught to others. In addition, the army was concerned that if only psychics could be employed in this capacity that they would become laughing stocks of the military and Congress, who would have to provide funding for this. They wanted to know if anyone could learn to do what Swann did so effortlessly and thereby remove it from the realm of the paranormal and the psychic. Upon his arrival Swann soon began to astound the almost entirely scientific staff at SRI with his abilities. There was nothing in their training which allowed them to understand how he could describe objects locked inside metal boxes, hidden in other rooms, unknown to Swann. Swann remote viewed Jupiter in April, 1973 and established certain well-established truths about that planet which were later that year “proved” by space probes sent there. He discovered the makeup of the atmosphere, its depth and density and other characteristics, including the fact that Jupiter had faint rings about it. Scientists were baffled by his advanced findings and were unable to understand how he could know these things. But his main task was to reveal how his skill worked. That remained an enigma until he hit upon a clever method. It came to be called CRV or Coordinate Remote Viewing. Swann, working with physicists, statisticians, psychologists, kinesiologists and other scientists at SRI, evolved a methodology based on the use of numbers called coordinates which would guide the viewer to the target (the place or event to be viewed). Originally Swann had shown that if he were given a set of map coordinates that he could locate and describe the place on Earth represented by those coordinates. But later it was discovered that it did not really matter whether the numbers were accurately describing the target or whether they were just random numbers. The mind, it seemed, knew what the intended target was whether the numbers were map coordinates or not. He also realized that although HE could see any target clearly and instinctively with no difficulty, the same could not be said for just any trainee of the new craft. He therefore developed the use of stages of perception and the use of ideograms and simple paper and pencil to sketch characteristics of the target. As an artist himself he believed that the viewer could allow his subconscious mind to direct the hands to draw something in order to capture the target for others to analyze. So, now he had defined the essential elements of remote viewing: using coordinates to guide the viewer; the use of stages of perception from very vague to very detailed; and the use of paper on which ideograms and diagrams were sketched to clarify the data gathered by the viewer. But how did it work? Why was the mind able to perceive the inside of a missile silo or the rings around Jupiter or its atmosphere, or some event in the distant past? For an answer to that we might turn to Edgar Cayce, Carl Jung and the native Americans. Carl Jung wrote about the Collective Unconscious, that nebulous entity that seems to wire us all together into a network, a kind of advanced world wide web. He said we could share our thoughts, our dreams.

Other forms of data collection

Edgar Cayce believed that when he entered into a trance and passed down and through a tunnel, he arrived at a place where all knowledge was stored and he referred to them as the Akashic Records, books of endless varieties and shelf length of infinite size. In these books reside every thought, every deed since the beginning of “time”. So all he had to do was simply to pull from the right bookshelf the right book and he could determine where someone lived in a previous lifetime or whether the person had cancer or heart disease. His record in terms of medical diagnoses is so incredibly accurate that his benefactor built him a hospital in Virginia so he could work with certified doctors and heal people. Odd, isn’t that, that the doctors relied on Cayce to figure out the illness so they could take credit for it. He had no credentials. But he diagnosed and suggested treatments for hundreds of people and was rarely wrong.

Native Americans claimed that they could “Spirit Walk” to visit others, to other parts, to scout for buffalo or other game. They lived in a spiritual world and never questioned that it was possible. Their medicine men possessed skills now all but lost and never wholly understood by whites. What all these had in common is the idea that the mind could well be like a receiver as well as a transmitter, that given a little nudge the mind can travel outbound and retrieve data and impressions from the past and from other locations. The concept includes the idea that the subconscious mind establishes a “signal line” to the target and the target sends data back to the subconscious (much like a computer does using a phone line and modem), which then relays it to the conscious mind which records it on paper or a tape recorder. This is the essence of what remote viewing is. Then what does a typical remote view session look like? Optimally, the viewer finds an extremely quiet location, free of outside influences or noise or distractions. The mind is first relaxed into a quiet meditative state, allowing it to become receptive and uncluttered. In the army model the remote viewing room itself was painted a uniform gray with no windows, no decorations, the barest of light, nothing to distract the eye or mind. The monitor, the individual who works with the viewer for maximum results, assisting but not directing the viewer, gives the viewer the coordinate numbers and continues to talk to the viewer as the viewer approaches and remains at the target. In the optimal case the monitor himself does not know what the numbers relate to; to do so is considered “front loading” the viewer. He insures that the viewer is not distracted by any conscious thought and that the viewer remains in “protocol”. As the viewer locks onto the target the monitor moves the viewer through the various stages of perception... stage I, stage II, etc. These stages are simply a way of moving from very broad brush strokes to fine details. Stage I for example might be a call to define colors and general shapes and sizes. Whatever comes to the viewer is recorded on paper as words or drawings. Stage II might be textures or smells or more defined shapes. Finally in the last stages, the viewer records very detailed drawings and text as a record of his session. The method just described is the classic, structured method devised by Swann, et al., while formalizing the craft in the 1970s at SRI, but it must be said that many of the best remote viewers do not use that technique at all but, like Swann, just “go there” to the target. They don’t really know how they do it, but it works for them. Once there, the viewer can “bilocate”; his perception of the target is so clear and so real that he feels he is there even though he knows rationally that his body is still at home or in the office. It is possible to communicate with beings at the target, although this is not universally accepted by all in the remote viewing community. Certainly my experiences have shown that it is possible and we did it on many, many occasions.

So are we in fact “wired together” with other beings in our universe, able to travel via our minds to other places and times? Is there, as Jung suggests, a universal subconscious available to all so that thoughts and deeds can be replayed at will? Surely something is at work which attracted the US government to spend so many millions of dollars and to staff the facility at Fort Meade from the 1970s till the mid 1990s (and is likely still there) and to engage the Stanford Research Institute and its Anomalous Cognition department. Is this ability available to anyone who makes an attempt to do it? I believe it is. Barring handicaps such as impaired rationale, sleep disorders and psychosis, I see no reason that anyone cannot do it if properly trained. Are the critics right in saying that if it works so well why aren’t all remote viewers millionaires by playing the stock market or winning the lottery? Perhaps the answer to that lies in the need to define why we have the ability and how we should use it. I, for one, do not believe it is possible to use this ability to gain wealth or influence. I think rather that our designers had something else in mind. Most if not all of the former army remote viewers who worked in the program soon realized that remote viewing was far too important to be used solely for military purposes or winning the lottery. They discovered that it should be used for healing, for discovering our place in the universe, for benefitting all of mankind, not just the military.

Verifying the target

One of the great controversies surrounding remote viewing is the problem of ascertaining whether the data gathered is valid or whether the mind is simply supplying images to satisfy the viewer. After all, the viewer is in an altered state, his mind in a state of alertness while his body is nearly asleep, approaching hypnosis. Perhaps, say the critics, the mind simply conjures up images which the viewer then interprets as reality, real data, hard data, facts. Perhaps the viewer is simply dreaming in this altered state. How does one verify or ascertain the veracity of data obtained in such a way? One technique is the sending of more than one viewer to report back independent results. If five viewers are sent to the same “target”, all concealed from the others, and they all report back essentially the same, even identical findings, the likelihood of random chance is fairly well eliminated. The sessions which uncovered and defined Mangus were done by many people working independently from one another and over a fairly long period of time.

Sample log of a session

Feb 10, 2001 Ted and Beth Target Deity figure

Beth: Hi

Ted: hello so u are mellow? but sleepy?

Beth: yes and it is dead quiet here

Ted: great! lets try this

Beth: a bit but have to stay up until errant daughter makes it home

Ted: so relax now Im gonna give u coordinates

Ted: we have done one, right?

Beth: yes

Ted: ok so u know how it works

Beth: yes

Ted: relax and try to go to theta

Ted: here come the coordinates

Beth: k

Ted: 6164 4963

Ted: write them

Beth: k

Ted: your cue is an entity

Ted: an entity

Ted: look at the numbers and let ur mind home in

Ted: begin slowly

Ted: give me impressions

Beth: nothing so far

Ted: ok this is not an east target

Ted: easy let it flow do you get any feelings?

Beth: still nothing. can you give me a cue to direct me to the entity other than the numbers?

Ted: I might frontload you

Ted: I'll try

Beth: k

Ted: an entity which is difficult for humans to conceptualize

Ted: anything?

Beth: an energy mass as in radiation? a mass of radiation.

Ted: ok

Beth: only a feeling of radiation

Ted: see where it leads you explore that no detail is too small what emotions do u feel? what emotions come from this entity? Beth?

Beth: downhill do not feel any anger or pain, but also do not feel love just acceptance

Ted: you feel this coming from the entity?

Beth: yes. as though my presence it merely tolerated as one tolerates a child

Ted: do you sense a form for this entity? a shape a kind of existence?

Beth: no sense nothing of form

Ted: the entity has no physical form?

Beth: no just sense a mass of energy

Ted: is it hostile? it is not loving?

Beth: accepting, but neither hostile nor exactly loving...as though it is tolerating my presence as you would an annoying child

Ted: do you get a sense of where this entity is, where it exists?

Beth: can you communicate with it?

Beth: I introduced myself but it is not talkin

Ted: ok did it accept u in any way?

Beth: it seems to accept my presence that is all

Ted: ask him a question.... Does he have any advice for either one of us? advice on living? on being a better person?

Beth: has told others before and wonders if telling me is a waste of valuable time

Ted: but he has never told us directly we would appreciate it

Beth: will tell him that

Beth: says putting aside petty differences beween people or peoples is crucial to our survival

Ted: and how can we do that on a continuous basis?

Beth: unless we stop bickering about small things, there is no energy left to settle large disputes peacefullly

Ted: is there hope for us? does he see any sign we are worth saving?

Beth: yes the fact that we are asking bodes well

Ted: and we do not offend him?

Beth: others have, but I do not offend him

Ted: how have others offended him?

Beth: dogged persistence and too often repeated questons.

Ted: this question is critical.... ask him if he is the target i sent u to find?

Beth: does not know if we deserve so much attention

Ted: I understand that. we do not mean to offend but we feel we have rights

Beth: he says no he is not the target

Ted: does he stand in for the intended target?

Beth: All creatures in the universe have rights. but as a species we seem to want more than is allotted to us

Ted: is he surrogate?

Ted: I agree with him and i may be guility of that now. ask him how we should proceed then?

Beth: he does not think he is the surrogate. and I found him by happenstance

Ted: hmmm is his form more clear now?

Beth: no still just a mass of radiation. but I think it is deliberate

Ted: ok ask him how we, as humans should proceed. we were placed here without a guidebook and seek, always seek we need answers and have none

Beth: he says, aas I told you dogged and repeated questioning. he says we need to resolve petty differences

Ted: and thats all? we never get answers til we die? am I asking the wrong questions?

Beth: before other help can be given. once we acknowlege our fundamental differences and resolve them or accept them no further help can come...

Ted: ok ask him how I could help bring that about? How could I use my energy to do that?

Beth: you as a species are unable to process the information due to a lapse in the cognition that prevents you from accepting yourselves, much less other species. you ask not the wrong question, but refuse to comprehend my answer

Ted: lol ok i accept that I dont feel I am like other humans tho He disagrees?

Beth: good

Ted: Is it wrong for me to even ask?

Beth: at the core you are all the same. some are more elevated than otthers but all must come to agree that there is an equality that must be accepted. how can you expect to accept that of the universe if you cannont accept each other?

Ted: well well now we are the heart of it

Beth: no it is not wrong for you to ask, only not cognizant of you to accept the given answer

Ted: so I cant help bring this about? no matter what I do? But I do accept the answer. I do now Beth, are you channeling now?

Beth: a syptom of your lack of acceptance as a species. you think yourself so advanced but you are like the embryo of a true advanced bein yes Beth: yes

Ted: I would respectfully ask him for any final advice

Beth: look within yourself. all the answers are there, buuried in the imprints of the cells that make you a being

Ted: In the DNA?

Beth: look within yourself

Ted: Does he mean in the DNA?

Beth: no

Ted: withn my own soul?

Beth: into that which makes you a cognizant being...the answers lie there. soul if you like, heart if you like. you are the result of the passing on of the souls imprint on your being, thousands of lifetimes of information are deep within you if you look deep enough into yourselves. Always wanting someone else to provide the answers, an immature species at best like children

Ted: ok I understand that

Beth: you cannot grow until you look within your self and emerge to a new level of understanding

Ted: he scolds me. how does one look within?

Beth: yes you may call it that. but what of your ancestorrs, did they not scold to teach

Ted: yes they did I meant no disrespect may I ask other questions?

Beth: one more

Ted: If I look within and find what I seek, am I free to let it guide me to whereever it takes me?

Beth: yes child, what is it for if not to guide you to a higher level?

Ted: mangus is it you?

Beth: no, by calling you child I meant no disrespect

Ted: no no none taken.... mangus calls me that. thank you very much very much

Beth: he is gone

Ted: ok... wow Ted: let me save this

Beth: kk

Ted: u know who the target was?

Beth: no... mangus?

Ted: God

Beth: oh my

Ted: I think we got his subordinate I have never attempted that

Beth: don't know who we got but my head is swirling

Ted: were u channeling? were u aware of what u said? ok lets get u quieted down

Beth: I believe so. the typing just came. I could almost hear the words in my head and fingers moved

Ted: just come back slow... slow and easy U are truly gifted. I had the easy job I sent u to talk to god but he let us in

Beth: he seemed a bit miffed that you asked or I asked the same question repeatedly Beth: yes

Ted: lol dont think he was used to that much cheek i have to admit I had a moment of panic

Beth: put us in our place proper like though

Beth: why?

Ted: oh did he ever

well.. I thought at one point... He could just blow us away but then god wouldnt do that

Beth: think it was very close to blowing us off, though, like pesky vermine

Ted: so who was this guy? LOL vermin Ted: oh dont anser that

Beth: smack me for the spelling it is late you know! LOL

Ted: no I wasnt correcting just laughing

Beth: I have no clue just a ball of radiating energy

Ted: well u got awfully close, my dear look within he said within

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