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Peanut Butter: Disproves Evolution?

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Did you know that a jar of peanut butter can prove that "life from non-life" is a "fairy tale?" Neither did we, and we still don't:

Most of us with half a brain don't even need to go into the details of why this video and premise is profoundly ludicrous, but if there's one thing I've learned, it's to never underestimate the stupidity of a substantive portion of the populace, so feel free to add your own comments on the presentation's failings.

Among other obvious issues, I make note:

1. The circumstances under which scientists posit that life spontaneously happened are far different from the example of a peanut butter jar. The earth had hundreds of millions of years of trial and error to produce the conditions to create life. We as humans are a mere blip on the surface of this never-ending experiment.

2. Even presupposing the idea that peanut butter is an ideal medium for spontaneously creating life, how can this guy claim this has not happened? Did he (and the millions of others whom he claims partook in this "experiment") look at the jar of peanut butter microscopically? Did he expect Elvis Presley to come out of the jar, and anything short of that proves Jesus is real?

3. There is a difference between evolution and a biogenesis. What he just 'disproved' has nothing to do with evolution.

4. Peanut butter is pasteurized and vacuum sealed, which are not appropriate conditions under which life would naturally develop in the first place.

Creationists seem to love to hyper-literally interpret scientific claims. They take the theories completely out of context and/or leave out a major component like quantum levels of TIME. They make ridiculous statements like "I haven't seen a monkey turn into a man so therefore man didn't come from monkeys. Let's see a rock become alive. No? See, your theory fails."

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