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Theists Gone Wild

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Theists Did What?

  • Theists in the news - Stories of crazy and goofy things perpetrated by peoples' belief in religion.
  • Priest Abuse - The ongoing saga of hypocrisy in clergy. Every day, more news on things so-called "moral leaders" shouldn't be doing.
  • Religious Scandals - From massacres to insane hypocrisy, church people have done some crazy, crazy things.
  • Westboro Baptist church - No listing of crazy theists would be complete without a history of Fred Phelps and his wacky family/cult.

Amusing Theist Videos

Swearing, funky public access preacher

Jesus held ransom

Drunk on Jesus

Pissed off Catholic Mom:

Perhaps one of the most famous theists-gone-wild video is the infamous Wifeswap episode featuring the nutty theist from Ponchatoula, Louisiana:

Wait for it... wait for it...

Jesus Camp documentary footage

Self-induced benediction fit:

British film crew threatened by jewish settler in Hebron

Bizarre remake of Kei$a song "tic toc" with religious lyrics

Another clip from Jesus camp of a crazy, screaming Christian girl:

Check out the crazy, racist Christian woman who goes ballistic in a coffee shop

Bizarre Christians pretending to be Jews, speaking in tongues instead of answering tough questions.

Nobody does tongue-babble better than Robert Tilton

Weird women writhing on the floor from the holy spirit

Sarah Palin getting exercised

Watch the crazy Christian respond to the Blasphemy Challenge - this is a parody but most people don't realize because they know christians like this. (update: this is probably a POE

Creationist Don Patton responds to an evolutionist question by going completely off topic and talking about his talking cat. Wait. What??

Turkish tv clip of a guy who claims that he can fly and that there were witnesses to his 'flight'.He also claims that 'allah' has given him this skill and it first happened when he was on a bus...The older guy cuts him off and tells him that what he's saying is crap unless he can give at least the names of those who witnessed it and just as he's about to put the religious nut to shame, the guy literally flips out and screams ALLAH and does the barrel roll. Everyone freaks out and tell him to leave the show

Soul winning. Nutty, sociopathic, psycho-Christian style! Laugh. It's funny!

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