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What is FreeThoughtPedia?

FreeThoughtPedia is a central repository of philosophical, scientific, scriptural, and historical arguments and commentary on the Freethought movement. Our goal is to provide a resource for those who choose to attribute greater significance to what's rational and logical, as opposed to irrational, superstitious, mythological and unproven.

While the critical thinking / freethought movement is not limited to any particular field of interest, industry, sector of society or belief system, the initial web site is focusing quite a bit on organized religion. However you will find numerous additional resources covering all aspects of skepticism towards the irrational and superstitious, from UFOs to Bigfoot to Political & Social Propaganda.

What is different/special about this site from other similar sites?

We can't speak for everyone else, but this site intends to be around for a long time, and the editors are very serious about maintaining a very well-organized library of useful information. Among other things, FTP will aspire to:

  • Be a concise, comprehensive library of useful information
  • Not discriminate against any other communities online - we will partner with and collaborate with everyone
  • Avoid posting redundant material and aspire to ultimately be composed of original articles
  • But at the same time, be the "last stop" for as many major issues to the Freethought community as possible - we want to have it all.
  • Keep the tone and quality of the writing to a very high level -- not so highbrow that it's intimidating or not pleasant to read.
  • Make the web site accessible and useful for people of virtually all schools of thought

Who is behind FreeThoughtPedia?

The site's editor is User:Pile. He manages and edits much of the content, but people from all over the world constantly contribute and help make FTP what is it.

Can anyone contribute?

Absolutely. We do ask that you follow a few basic guidelines though, mainly having to do with not destroying or undermining other peoples' work.

How can I modify protected pages?

Some pages have been restricted to sysop-only editing because in the past they've been vandalized. You will need permission to have access to these pages directly. However, you can edit the Talk: part of each page and suggest changes and we'll take them into consideration.

How can I become a Sysop?

To become a Sysop you have to demonstrate that your intent is honorable and you will make a contribution to the site. The best way to do this is create an account and start contributing to the site (or better yet, improving pages that are marked as Category:Works_in_progress. The editor's will pay close attention and be very appreciative of people who routinely make FTP a better place and reward them with special status!

Can I link to your site?

Absolutely, but please do not "deep link" to images or other content. Link to the main site or an individual page. We really, really appreciate people who link to us!

How can I contact the people behind this site?

Go to the Contact Us page.

This site costs a lot of money in bandwidth and resources. We are glad to bring it to you free, but would you consider helping support our site by making a donation? Any amount would go a long way towards helping us continue to provide this useful service to the community.

Click on the Paypal button below to donate. Your support is most appreciated!

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