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6000 year old Earth

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The fundamentalist Christian arguments for a great flood include finding fish fossils in mountains, and that a great flood story has been told by a society on every major land mass on the planet. The amount of water needed to flood the Earth is 10 to 11 times the amount of fresh water, salt water, ground water, and vapor in the air, combined. If a great flood did happen, all of the societies on Earth would have been wiped out, thus, no society would have a story to tell. Some people will explain that there was a canopy of water surrounding the Earth, like the ozone layer. First of all, the atmosphere of the Earth cannot support such weight. Secondly, if the water was in orbit, a spherical canopy is impossible due to the fact that all orbiting objects in such a canopy would collide with each other. A water "ring" would be a better idea for the Christian fundamentalists, however, where did all that water go after the flood? Creationists claim, "The water never left. The water from the flood is very well still here. Thus is why we have the oceans, lakes and many more places."

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