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A Great World Wide Flood

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Volume of water in the flood

The amount of water needed to flood the Earth is 10 to 11 times the amount of fresh water, salt water, ground water, and vapor in the air, combined[citation needed]. The first problem for this theory is that if a great flood did happen, all of the societies on Earth would of been wiped out, thus, no society would have a story to tell other than Noah and his family. Since Noah lived in the middle east, it seems unlikely that Native Americans would exist at all. Some people will explain that there was a canopy of water surrounding the Earth, like the ozone layer. First of all, the atmosphere of the Earth cannot support such weight. Secondly, if the water was in orbit, a spherical canopy is impossible due to the fact that all orbiting objects in such a canopy would collide with each other. A water "ring" would be a better idea for the Christian fundamentalists; however, where did all that water go after the flood?

Flood geology

Creationists generally believe that humans were created at about the same time as all other animals. One piece of contradictory evidence is that, all over the world, fossils can be found in a common order[citation needed]. Whether this be in Africa, Asia or South America, you get sequences of fossils they are almost always in the same order. If there wasn't evolution from one species from another, why is it that these organisms would all sort in the same way?

According to creationists the supernatural flood caused all of these organisms to be mixed up together but they settled in a particular order. Creationists say the creatures in the ocean were most affected by the flood and they will settle out on the bottom[citation needed](are you sure about this one? --Iscarus 13:47, 29 December 2008 (CST)). Creatures on the mountains will settle on the top, and we would expect to find this order everywhere because that's the way the flood sorted them. If you look at the order of the fossils, this turns out to be untrue; in other words all the oceanic creatures are not at the bottom, all the mountain creatures are not at the top. So there's problems from the fossil record as well.

If the worldwide sequence of fossils are the products of Noah's flood and its resultant fallout, why, then - at no place on this vast earth - do we find dinosaurs and large mammals in the same strata; why are trilobites never with mammals (not even marine mammals), but always in strata below? Surely some retarded elephant would be keeping company with dinosaurs, some valiant trilobite swimming hard for thirty-nine days and winning an exalted upper berth with mammals.

A flood strong enough to move all the sediments of the earth would tend to mix the different types of animals and plants into one big mishmash... The fossils are in the right order for evolution but not for hydraulic selection. The light animals refuse to stay in the shallow rocks, and the dense animals refuse to stay in the deep rocks, where they belong according to creationism. For instance, trilobites, light, fragile creatures resembling pill bugs, tend to be found only in the deepest rocks... The rocks show that each distinct species usually has its own horizon absolutely distinct from the horizons of other species of the same size, shape, and weight.

unedited stuff to be cleaned up

(Opinion 2)....Edited and all that jazz. Yes, it is absolutely impossible for all the land to be completely flooded over but it is not impossible for a true story to be exaggerated. It's a semi-common belief, now, that global warming is a natural occurance and that parts of the world will be lost to the seas. Now let's take a look at a bit of flooding in the mind of somebody who lived 8,000 years ago(which is when this flood was scientifically estimated have actually happened). Let's note the following key points: -Travel had hardly been developed past walking so your world is based solely around you or your village. The Greeks believed that Greece was the center of the world and outside of Greece there existed only Persia and the oceans. Outside of that was the barren lands. No further beliefs are known to us, so maybe they only believed in what they knew. So the flooding of the "world" was only actually many cases of individual floods being interpreted by ignorant farmers. -Without extensive travel, one could only know that the world is flat. The water would just slide right off the face of the planet...er, plane. Exploiting this, very possibly, natural disaster as an act of advertising your religion only proves the many contradictions. How do we know they they thought the world was flat? The bible and a couple other holy books mention the "four corners of the earth", so not only did they think it was a flat, it's was actually a square...Really, to prove to an atheist, without a doubt, that God flooded the earth, you would have to try and poor a bucket of water on a piece of paper without spills(or else the mountains wouldn't get covered either).

So if you look at it logically, the great flood was just a natural disaster, some ethnocentrism and some opportunistic theists all mixed up in some crazy party. On the other hand if you look at it from a theist's eyes, evidence only matters when you want it to, and everything said here doesn't matter because it disproves your ignorant beliefs...Whichever side you want to take is okay, though.

A strong theory about global flooding exist. It is based on one observation: many cultures have in their folklore some "global flooding event". But it is well admit that folklore is exaggeration and mystification of ancient and important invents. And it is prove that sea level rised from tens of meters at the end of the last glaciation period, due to ice melting and thermic dilatation of ocean. For exemple, England was attached to Europe, and Siberia and Alaska where not separated. Imagine how many villages, plains, hills, forests, islands had been submerged at this moment. The great fear of this time was probable of a non ending flood, that would recover all viable lands. When warming stop, myth get memory of it (after all, it is "just" 10 000 years ago, so only 5000/20 = 250 generations when these myth where first writed). And to explain increase in water level, without global climatology in the end, and divine non ending rain seems too explain prefect this phenomenon. In addition, climate was probably wetter in many land after end of glaciation, contributing to the idea of "we lost our ancestral land due to the rain that bring more water on earth". So it is possible that this specific myth is not only due to generalization from a particular place, but to a global phenomenon, inexplicable for stone-age men.

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