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Christian questionnaire

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Here's a standard philosophical questionnaire for Christians. I challenge you to answer these basic questions honestly without resorting to a standard naked assertion, "because it's God" fallacy.



1. Do you believe that children should be responsible for the transgressions of their parents? If your great-grandfather committed a crime, should you also be punished for it?

If you don't believe in such a practice, how do you reconcile this fundamental moral tenet that you practice in your daily life, which is in contrast with Christianity and scripture, which mandates that descendants are responsible for the sins of their forebears?

2. Do you believe that ritualistic sacrifice and the killing of innocent creatures is a suitable way to repay a debt?

Can you see yourself ceremonially burning a goat at an altar to cover your electricity bill? Should you be able to sacrifice your child's life to repay a debt to someone else? If you don't think this behavior is appropriate or moral, why would you worship a deity who claims to have forgiven mankind via ritualistic murder?

3. Do you believe that morality comes from religion?

Does man not have any other reason than the fear of God to keep him from behaving badly? If so, how do you reconcile the fact that there are plenty of decent people who don't believe in gods? If not, how do you reconcile your liberal interpretation of things with scripture and institutions that suggest otherwise?

4. Do you believe that God knows our future? (Psalm 139:16)

If so, why does God allow children to be born into certain countries or cultures -- knowing in advance that they will never even hear about Christianity -- and then send them to hell for not believing in Jesus?

5. Do you believe that God is just?

If so, why does He give us no direct evidence of His existence when He openly revealed Himself to innumerable people over the course of a couple of thousand years? If God could save billions of souls from eternal damnation simply by showing himself publicly, is it not unjust for Him deny us this advantage which He granted so many people in the Bible?

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