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College weekend workshop

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College weekend workshop is a money-making venture produced by the Cornerstone World Outreach - a (fundamentalist) Christian church in Sioux City, Iowa. The purpose of the "workshop" is to "innoculate" children against influences from college that might contradict the church's teachings. The organization uses scare tactics, fearmongering, images of violence and unrealistic extreme worst-case-scenarios to suggest that a college campus is not only dangerous ideologically, but physically and mentally.

College weekend workshop considers the following things to be a danger to their customers, and therefore suggests they avoid entertaining any outside opinions on subjects such as:

  • thinking
  • rationalism
  • atheism
  • agnosticism
  • evolution
  • existentialism
  • environmental issues
  • critical thinking
  • communism
  • socialism
  • naturalism


Propaganda videos

College weekend workshop produces an array of kitschy video sequences which over-dramatize the danger young christians face when going off to a world filled with people who might be better-educated and more open-minded. In their world, college professors are agents of satan who deserve violent death, and liberal students are literal bullies who beat up poor, unsuspecting christians for no apparent reason. If you don't purchase College Weekend Workshop's indoctrination sessions for your college-bound kid, she's likely to come back tattooed, pregnant, atheist and belligerent.

Here's a classic example:

Warning: Do not consider using these videos as the basis of any sort of drinking game involving identifying strawmen and logical fallacies. You could die of alcohol poisoning!

Editing of comments on their web site and exposing private information

Another recent scandal associate with CWW is the selective editing of comments made by others on their web site/blog area. In some cases it was claimed they exposed the personal information of users who were critical of their efforts; in other cases, they actually edited critical comments and changed their tone and meaning.[1]


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