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Rarely seen except in the hands of certain fundamental evangelicals, the elusive "Crocoduck" has been fabled to be the theological deal-breaker Christians demand to prove evolution is legitimate.


Here Way of the Master describes the Crocoduck.


The crocoduck was conceptualized by former child-star turned evangelist Kirk Cameron and his associate Ray Comfort. They argue that the simple fact that we cannot see such obvious inter-species evolution today is evidence against evolution.


The primary issue with this argument is that no academic with a post-doctorate degree in any relevant life science has ever claimed that evolution takes place in such an immediately obvious manner (that is, in a pseudo-Chimera-esque manner). In fact, all evolutionary biologists agree that evolution in such a manner (known as "genetic saltation") is so monumentally improbable that, for all intents and purposes, it is considered impossible. Any person with an adequate understanding of evolution (read: neither Comfort nor Cameron) will know that evolution does not occur in "leaps and bounds", as the crocoduck implies.

The above issues are compounded by the fact that the crocoduck is only accepted as a logical attempt to debunk evolution by Ray Comfort, Kirk Cameron and their associates. It also brings up the logical question of having to find similar examples of saltation, say dolphigiraffes. Following that logic, we would have to find an example of saltation between the crocoduck and a dolphigiraffe (a crocoduckodolphigiraffe). It soon becomes clear that the crocoduck is simply an irrelevant, never-ending strawman.

There is no reason evolution would require a crocoduck (or similar organism) for the theory to be valid. Even IF genetic saltation of this magnitude DID occur, there is yet another basic error made. Ducks did not descend from crocodiles and crocodiles did not descend from ducks, making such a union between the two species completely illogical. In fact, if a crocoduck *was* found, it would be evidence against evolution as we understand it rather than in support of it.

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