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Added: June 20, 2008.

Back-story: Argument took place in the commentary section of a youtube video called "Why I'm an atheist". The video included 3 reasons the producer chose to be an atheist. 1. No evidence 2. No relevance 3. No coherency

Christian: BenDaHen123.

Atheist: Classicamerican.

Status: Currently waiting for reply.

BenDaHen123 1. the Bible 2. religious teachings does teach everything worth importance, not only the afterlife and God, but of morals. also, if god didnt exist, we wouldnt be here, so you cant say that the world wouldnt be different 3. it doesnt seem vague to me, father(god) son(jesus) and holy spirit(connects everyone to one another), and the big bang theory is one of the most vague of all theories, as there is no proof whatsoever, scientists are just guessing

ClassicAmerican 1. The bible is just a book. A book of fiction. Its been proven wrong by scientific evidence. When I say scientific evidence, I mean real, logical evidence involving studies and test, rather than fictional stories. One example: rocks have been dated back billions of years; fossils containing life have been dated back millions of years; according to the bible, the earth is only ten thousand years old.

ClassicAmerican Another example: dinosaurs. The bible doesn't account for dinosaurs. We know that dinosaurs existed before humans. According to the bible, all living creatures were created on the same day. If that was right, dinosaurs and humans would of lived together. That's just not true. 2. Religion is taught as fact in churches. It should be taught as mythology. Because that's what you call fictional stories about false gods and impossible events: mythology.

ClassicAmerican Plus, morals can be taught without religion. You can teach a child what is right and wrong without lying to them about heaven and hell. The world would be different without religion. One example, the two towers would still be standing in New York. 3. Science is vague in some places because it's based on what we know. We don't know everything, and we shouldn't pretend that we do. We shouldn't guess on questions we don't have the answers to.

ClassicAmerican The bible isn't vague because it replaces gaps in knowledge with mythology. With religion, what isn't known about the universe and history is filled in with made up facts and fictional stories. Just like the religions of past societies and civilizations, the beliefs of modern day are being questioned and proven wrong by new discoveries in science and history. It's a matter of accepting reality. Will you accept the truth and become an atheist, or will you continue believing in mythology?

BenDaHen123 1. there is real way to tell how old certain rocks and fossils are, scientists just estimate from questionable evidence 2. the bible leaves some gaps, it should be, since it was written by many people, and also, dinosaurs may not be as old as we think 3. how would the 2 towers still be standing? 4. there is no logical explanation of how we came here and actually have life, just lies about evolution, which charles darwin said were lies himself

ClassicAmerican 1. All evidence is questionable. Besides, questionable evidence is better than no evidence. 2. The religion of today, and every religion before it was created to answer the questions that couldn't be answered. Science, as it's done before, is beginning to answer those questions and prove the answers of religion wrong. It's a matter of proof. Parables in an old book just don't stand a chance against the answers that science has brought forth. Science is supported by knowledge, religion is mythology.

ClassicAmerican 3. Bin laden attacked us over religious beliefs. No religion, no attack. 4. You claim evolution isn't logical, a lie, but you have no problem with the biblical claim that everything magically appeared in six days. There's evidence behind evolution; there's nothing but fiction behind the bible.

BenDaHen123 still havent explained how we have life, and if you think about it, its physically impossible that nothing was there 5 billion years ago, according to your big bang everything appeared in 1 day, its rediculous

ClassicAmerican That's the thing, we don't know. We don't know how we have life. We understand how it works, how it evolves, but where it came from, how it all started, the first thing to come alive, how it came alive, we don't know. What was there before the big bang? No one knows. We can't answer these questions because we have no logical evidence to support any possible explanation. But as atheist, we don't pretend we do. Religion does. It fills in the gaps of knowledge with mythology.

ClassicAmerican The big bang is not ridiculous. We know the universe is expanding. Since it's expanding outward, we know it's getting bigger. If you reverse time, it would get smaller. So if you go back far enough, at one point, the universe had to be as small as any object can be. Where that spec of matter came from? How it started expanding? How everything in the universe was formed within it? We don't know those answers. The big bang simply refers to the moment it started to expand.

BenDaHen123 Then what was there before the big bang? something was always there

ClassicAmerican We don't know what was there before the big bang. As atheist, we accept that. Religion is a way to answer questions that can't be answered. How do you answer the unanswerable questions? Fiction. That's all religion is. It's possible, with future scientific discoveries, we'll answer those questions that are currently unanswerable. But for now, it's better to accept reality, than believe mythology.


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