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FatAtheist's 10 Commandments

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  1. Thou shall not kill, nor empower your government to kill for you.
  2. Thou shall not rape, molest or engage in non-consensual sex with other men, women, children or animals.
  3. Thou shall not steal, nor empower your government to steal for you.
  4. Thou shall covet thy life and live it to the fullest for this is the only life thou shall get.
  5. Thou shall live in harmony with Earth and all its creatures.
  6. Thou shall treat all human beings as equal regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation and culture.
  7. Thou shall not covet material wealth.
  8. Thou shall strive to understand the universe so that thou shall begin to understand thyself.
  9. Thou shall teach thy fellow beings the Laws of Science, Math and Nature, for it is by these laws that the universe and all life has come into existence.
  10. Thou shall not believe anything on faith. Blind faith is the unpardonable sin of mankind.

Source: [1] (FatAtheist is humorous about it as well, enjoy and watch it for the bonus commandments, not included here.)

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