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Fundamental atheist

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The term fundamental atheist is in essence a contradiction. A fundamentalist is someone who often blindly subscribes to a specific doctrine or creed. By definition, an atheist has no specific doctrine, creed or world view associated with atheism. So the term is primarily used as an Ad Hominem attack, and a distraction from legitimate issues.

There are variations of this, all have essentially the same meaning and all suffer the same logical flaws:

  • "True Believer Atheist" - source

Fundie-atheist or fundamental atheist: (n) [fun' dee a'thee ist]

1. A person who lacks belief in god(s) and religious doctrine; and

2. A person who publicly expresses such a viewpoint instead of keeping their opinions to themselves like a good-little-atheist should; and

3. A strawman argument imposed by people who are intimidated by others who are not vulnerable to religious fearmongering.

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