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Intelligent design

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Intelligent Design is a "theory" which generally accepts the principles of evolution, but credits God with involvement ranging from "Getting the ball rolling" to purposefully guiding each step.

It is stated part of Catholic doctrine, as put forth by the Pope in the early 1900's.

Is Intelligent Design the same as Creationism?

There are many simple arguments that are to often dismissed by believers in Intelligent Design, the most common being "Who made god". The simple answer is that God (if we momentarily believe in such a being), must have evolved, or else been intelligently designed. Of course if we take the intelligent design route we end up with god's creator, and then the creator of god's creator, and then the god that crated the god that created the god who in turn created the current god, and so on. This argument cannot be true for the simple reason that time is finite, it had a beginning and must therefore have an end, and so, God must have evolved. Which of course proves the theory of evolution whilst disproving the theory of Intelligent Design, and must also disprove God.

"But you said God must have evolved, and therefore must exist!"

Yes, but we must also consider that if god evolved, there would be no reason for intelligent design, and therefore no reason for God.

Id venn diagram.jpg

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