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Missing missing links

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Theists say:

                       We Are Related to Adam and not to Apes!

This is the issue. At least with evolutionists. Have you noticed the emphasis to convince the American public that people are decendent from some animal ancestor? But most people still believe that God created man in His own image. Well, what about cavemen? Weren't the Neanderthals a primitive people who were not quite human? And what about "Lucy"? Weren't they the "missing link" that lived millions of years ago? Pictures like these in schoolbooks and magazines show creatures who were supposedly partway between apes and people. If these creatures did indeed exist, this would be powerful evidence for evolution. But how do we know for sure? No one was there (you wouldn't know it from all the beautiful drawings). Well, the evidence should be in the fossil record. And it is. When all the evidence is carefully and thoroughly studied by the best scientific methods, it turns out that these fossils were either from monkeys, apes, or people, and not from something that was part ape and part human.


"And God said, Let Us make man in our image, after Our likeness; So God created man in His own image, in the image, of God created him; male and female created He them." Genesis 1:26,27 . Thus, from what the Bible says, we know that evolution cannot possibly be correct. The Bible very clearly states, in unmistakable language, that God created man and woman in a very special way. The facts of science as found in the fossil record, provide powerful positive evidence to support the Biblical record of Creation. What is the relevance of this issue for society? If apes were in our ancestry, then we are the result of chance random processes and that means there is no Absolute Authority. And if there is no one who sets the rules then everyone can do whatever he likes or hopes he can get away with. You see, evolutionism is a religion which enables people to justify writing their own rules. But if we are of Adam's race, then there are absolutes because the Creator sets the rules. The sin of Adam was that he did not want to obey the rules God set, but do his own will. He rebelled against God, the Creator, and we all suffer from the same sin: rebellion against the Absolute Authority. Evolution has become the so-called "scientific" justification for people to continue in this rebellion against God. Dr. John Baumgardner describes evolution as "intellectual fraud" because it is a religious world view cloaked in scientific terminology.

The Bible tells us in the book of Genesis that there is a true and reliable account of the origin and early history of life on earth. Increasing numbers of scientists are realizing that when you take the Bible as your basis and build your models of science and history upon it, all the evidence from the living animals and plants, the fossils and the cultures fit. This confirms that the Bible really is the Word of God and can be trusted totally.

Well, there is no "missing link" between man and animals. But there is a "missing link" that we all need. That is a link between ourselves and God, our Creator. Because of sin and man's rebellion, our relationship with God is broken. God seems far away to most people, because our sin seperates us from Him. Jesus Christ, God's Son, died on the Cross and rose from the dead, to take away the sin which cuts us off from Him, and to break the power of sin and death. "There is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus, who gave himself as a ransom for all men"(I Tim. 2:5-6)

Au contraire, there are tons of transitional fossils... need citations here.

This Wikipedia article [1] is a good start....

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