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You deleted the entirety of the discussion content on Talk:Ricky_Gervais where I went into detail on the subject of copyright, Creative Commons, and how your reproduction of copyrighted materials on the site violates the policies currently listed. This action appears abusive in nature.

I think you really need to consider just what your site policies are, and whether your actions are consistent with fair and impartial editorial administration of the site. Is this meant to be a community edited website composed of creative commons material, as with most wiki sites, or is a personal website where a single person's word is law and the rules don't apply to you? Is it ok that your site is ripping off material from elsewhere without permission? Would you be OK if others did that to you? I noticed that you assert copyright on the Top_ten_arguments_for_the_existence_of_God page, if you expect others to respect your copyright, shouldn't you do the same?

Again, per the Editorial_guidelines: "Do not post copyrighted material - We republish material on this site only with permission of the original authors. The exception to this may be when we quote specific writing that we are using to debate, such as quoting a standard theological argument and then responding to it.", and on the edit pages: "DO NOT SUBMIT COPYRIGHTED WORK WITHOUT PERMISSION!" This is the official policy of this website. You could delete that and basically turn FTP into a blog-spam style website that simply hijacks other people's content for the ad revenue. Is that the direction this site is going? Or is it going to be a valuable community resource and provide original content, and respect the creative works of others?

Again, as I stated on the now-deleted Talk:Ricky_Gervais page, copyright exists by default, and doesn't need to be accompanied by a copyright notice. See 10 Myths About Copyright. Deliberately violating other people's copyrights means A) that you and this site endorses and practices plagiarism B) you're willing to risk the legal consequences of those actions. Collaborative wiki environments are built on using Creative Commons licenses to provide protection to the work while allowing it to be shared.

Here are some examples of copyright violations throughout the site:

UPS Cartoon © Ted Rall

New Yorker Cartoon, Sidney Harris

UFS, © MattBors.com

© National Geographic



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