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Welcome theists

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FreeThoughtPedia is for everyone, not just "free thinkers" and rational people who don't subscribe to the supernatural. We welcome anyone and everyone, regardless of your beliefs.

However, please show respect for our site. You can disagree with us ideologically. You can even comment here and there and help correct things, but we see a lot of theists come in and demonstrate exactly how immature, ignorant and irrational they are by doing things like this where they vandalize pages and otherwise make an ass out of themselves. Be advised if you do this, your IP will be blacklisted, but more importantly, your IP will be permanently listed along with the details of what you've done. This information will be accessible via Google and other searches and anyone who knows who you are and gets communication from you, will be able to find out you perpetrated this antisocial behavior. So don't think you're ever truly anonymous, especially when you act like an ass and abuse other peoples' work.

This whole world is full of people who disagree. That some theists can't handle this is really sad.

With that in mind, the open-minded theists are welcome. Help contribute. Feel free to introduce new arguments we haven't seen before (if that's possible).

--Pile 17:04, 6 November 2007 (CST)

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