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Why atheists are morally superior

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Religious people, and specifically Christians are notorious for suggesting that morality is (often exclusively) associated with their religious beliefs and scriptural dictates.

Let's examine this notion by outlining the Top 10 reasons why atheists are morally superior

  1. No god tells us to hate gay people, so we have no reason to hate them. In fact if gay people love each other and want to get married, more power to them. Why should we stop love and caring based on gender? We encourage loving and caring any way it manifests itself.
  2. No god tells us that women are inferior and should subject themselves to men.
  3. No god tells us to pray instead of seeking medical attention. We believe in all kinds of scientific research and medicine. We even believe in stem cell research. Most of us also think a woman has a right to choose what to do with her body. This probably goes up under the ‘women are equal’ entry as well, because it’s ridiculous that an old man we will never meet gets to decide what they can and can’t do with their body.
  4. No god tells us to hate people who believe in the same god but in a “wrong” way. Ok, that’s just stupid.
  5. No god tells us to be fruitful and multiply, then says that sex for fun is bad, then tells us that only sex between married people is ok, then denies us any kind of way to turn off the insatiable teenage sex drive except to come up with abstinence and praying as a lame solution.
  6. No god tells us to hate people who look different than me, so we are free to see everyone as equal and the same, just with different packaging. No need to be racist.
  7. No god tells us to start a war over another land having the wrong god or the wrong types of people (see the one above), so we don’t have to support pointless wars that justify some ridiculous ancient prophecy or for other silly reasons, like god talking directly to the leader of one country.
  8. No god makes promises to us about being a martyr, so we have no reason to strap a bomb to ourselves and blow up a train station or whatever kills the most innocent people.
  9. No god makes open-ended promises that will never come true about armageddon and going up to heaven soon, so we are responsible with the environment, and try our best to have a small impact on the planet, and also support research into making things better for everyone through science and smarter living.
  10. No god promises eternal life to us or threatens us with eternal torture, then suggests we have some weird sense of "free will" to make an honest choose between good and evil. How can you tell if you're doing something for the right reason if you're threatened with horrible suffering if you don't follow directions?

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